Openness and honesty. Together

We see ourselves in the very best sense as a “hanseatic” human resources and business consultancy, delivering individual solutions for success in close personal dialogue with its clients and candidates. Here a handshake still counts for something and discretion can be taken for granted.

Honesty and fairness as the basis for co-operation form the core of what we do. Only when you can depend on mutual loyalty and commitment, can the necessary trust be developed to take new approaches to reach one’s goals. We at CCG Classic Consult are convinced that this is essential in these times of shortages of specialist staff and demographic change.

Guided by our own practical experience

Whether for clients or candidates: people are at the centre of everything we do. Many years of practical experience have shown us special ways to identify individuals’ talents and potential. It is this approach which makes us what we are and makes us different.

We see ourselves as scouts and pathfinders. We are neutral advisors, non-judgemental and with a flair for building and expanding expertise, both for individual candidates and for teams. Our key method is clear communication; our key value is openness both in the way we think and in dialogue. We focus our activities on your individual goals. Ours is a hands-on, pragmatic approach.

After all, your goals are our goals.

Why work with us?

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